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Honda CR250 Throttle Sleeve
US$ 6.50
Fits: CR250 (89-02)

Throttle Sleeve

#02-2435 | Honda CR250 (1989-2002)

Throttle Sleeve OEM Ref#53141-KZ4-000

Honda CR250 Ignition Coil
US$ 14.00
Fits: CR250 (73-97)

Ignition Coil

#17-6922 | Honda CR250 (1973-1997)

High Performance 6 or 12 Volt Single Output Ignition Coil. These can be adapted to work on many applications requiring a point or CDI ignition coil. Sold exactly as shown in photo. Does not include plug cap. 12 or 6 Volt Primary Resistance 0.5 Ohms Secondary Resistance 5.0 Ohms CDI or Points ignitions Body Diameter: 35mm Body Height: 30mm Mounting Tab Length: 17mm Mounting Tab Width: 22mm Mounting Tab Hole Size: 6mm Spark Plug Wire Length: 18" Includes ground wire

Honda CR250 Wheel Seal Kit
US$ 7.00
Fits: CR250 (85-94)

Wheel Seal Kit

#27-9002 | Honda CR250 (1985-1994)

Front Wheel Seal Kit 2 Seals 24 x 37 x 7 22 x 50 x 5

Honda CR250 Wheel Seal Kit
US$ 6.00
Fits: CR250 (90-99)

Wheel Seal Kit

#27-9025 | Honda CR250 (1990-1999)

Rear Wheel Seal Kit 2 Seals 28 x 38 x 7 28 x 42 x 8

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