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Honda GL1000L Deluxe Carb Rebuild Kit
USD$ 24.95
Fits: GL1000L (76)

Deluxe Carb Rebuild Kit

#48-1669 | Honda GL1000L (1976)

Deluxe Carb Rebuild Kit - Includes Carb Body Seal, Carb Cap O-Ring, Carb Bowl O-Ring, Needle & Seat 1.0, Main Jet #62, Main Jet #120, Pilot Jet #35, Needle Jet, Jet Needle #D143Z, Air Mixture Screw, Air Mixture Spring, Emulsion Tube, Aluminum Plug, Packing, 2X Springs, 2X Cotter Pins, 2X Metal Washers, Nut, Rubber Plug and 6 Rubber O-Rings. 1 Kit Needed Per Carb, Order The Quantity you Require

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