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Suzuki RM370 Dynatek Charge Monitor
USD$ 99.85

Dynatek Charge Monitor


Dynatek Charge Monitor. Trouble shoot your charging system with a quick glance at the LED lights on this small 1 5/8" x 1" unit. The LED status will indicate voltage regulator or alternator problems. The Dyna Charge Monitor is a valuable addition to vehicles with a battery ignition and a charge system as found on nearly all stock vehicles. The Charge Monitor allows easy determination of the operational state of the charging system with a quick glance at the indicator LED's. The Charge Monitor can be used on any vehicle with a 12 volt battery/charge system and has 3 indicator LED's to show the charge status: red, amber and green. When the right most red LED is on the battery is being overcharged due to a faulty voltage regulator. When the green LED is on, the battery is being charged at a normal voltage. When the left most red LED is on, the battery voltage is getting very low and the charge circuit or battery is failing. High quality made in the USA. Comes with a one year warranty through the manufacturer.

USD$ 99.85
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