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Yamaha FZR400S Rectifier Regulator
US$ 68.00
Fits: FZR400S (88-90)

Rectifier Regulator

#24-2068 | Yamaha FZR400S (1988-1990)

Rectifier Regulator No Wires, 4 Prong Socket Only OEM Ref # 47X-81960-A3-00 / 47X-81960-A1 / 47X-81960-A2-00

Yamaha FZR400S Clutch Plate
US$ 5.00
Fits: FZR400S (88-89)

Clutch Plate

#39-1138 | Yamaha FZR400S (1988-1989)

Clutch Plate 8 Pieces Required OEM Ref # 21V-16321-00 / 4V0-16321-00

Yamaha FZR400S Clutch Spring Kit
US$ 22.00
Fits: FZR400S (88-89)

Clutch Spring Kit

#39-1505 | Yamaha FZR400S (1988-1989)

Clutch Spring Kit

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