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Yamaha XV750M Brake Lever
USD$ 5.20
Fits: XV750M (83)

Brake Lever

#08-0111 | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Brake Lever OEM Ref # 2J2-83922-20 / 2H7-83922-20 / 4L0-83922-00

Yamaha XV750M Air Filter
USD$ 13.50
Fits: XV750M (83)

Air Filter

#15-0079 | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Air Filter OEM Ref # 4X7-14451-00

Yamaha XV750M Front Brake Pads
USD$ 25.00
Fits: XV750M (83)

Front Brake Pads

#29-3524 | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Front Brake Pads Pk/2 OEM Ref # 4H7-W0045-09

Yamaha XV750M Clutch Plate
USD$ 7.00
Fits: XV750M (83)

Clutch Plate

#39-1155B | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Clutch Plate 8 Pieces Required OEM Ref # 22U-16321-00 / 3XK-16321-00 / 4X7-16321-00

Yamaha XV750M Clutch Spring Kit
USD$ 23.00
Fits: XV750M (83)

Clutch Spring Kit

#39-1504 | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Clutch Spring Kit

Yamaha XV750M Float Needle
USD$ 7.00
Fits: XV750M (83)

Float Needle

#48-5013 | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Float Needle Fits Hitachi Type Assembly High Quality - Made In Japan OEM Ref # 10L-14390-02 / 42H-14390-00 / 4H7-14990-00 / 4X7-14390-00 / 3J3-14990-20 / 3J3-W1496-00

Yamaha XV750M Carb Float
USD$ 19.95
Fits: XV750M (83)

Carb Float

#73-0889 | Yamaha XV750M (1983)

Carb Float, Replaces OEM # 4H7-14985-00-00

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